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Edge Pulling Series by United Truck and Tractor Pullers

Our thanks go out to Edge Products and all of our great sponsors and fans for a great year.

2014 Weekend on the Edge Results

We would like to thank Edge Products for being our title sponsor for the 2014 Edge Pulling Series.

All gas and diesel pickups welcome.

Pulling Stats are now complete for the 2013 season!

2014 Points Leaders

Stock Gas
Gilbert Martinez
“Freeze Frame” 99 pts.

Work Stock Diesel
JD Bailey
“Unforgotten” 91 pts.

2.6 Diesel
Weylin Richards
“Drag-N-Fly” 78 pts.

3.0 Diesel
Nick Adamson
“Oh, Mega” 90 pts.

3.2 Super Street Diesel
Kortney Nieffenegger
"Total Chaos" 90 pts.

Modified Mini
Mike Cornett
"Midnight Oil" 10 pts.
Dennis Weber
"We Be Bad" 10 pts.

Super Stock 4X4
Ed Tarbet
“Redneck Rig” 87 pts.

Modified 2WD
Larry Fontenot
“Old Hippie” 100 pts.

Pro Stock 4X4
Tom Hemming
“Buffalo Express” 71 pts.

Modified 4X4
Jo Green
“Never Satisfied” 92 pts

Pro Mod Diesel
Jason Stott
“Addicted” 95 pts.

Super Modified 2WD
Jeff Bradford
“Happy Hooker” 80 pts

Super Mod Mini
Jerry Cornett
“Working Nights” 20 pts

Pro Farm Tractor
Chris Taber
“Barnstormer” 80 pts.

Updated as of 9-29-14

Points System
1st Place = 10 pts.
2nd Place = 9 pts.